Welcome to the Education Reform Network! This page will help you familiarize yourself with our site, so that your visit may be more productive. If you can't find something that will be useful for you, buy sociology papers to outline the boundaries of the topic, its relevance and novelty, this will help you focus on the right things.

What is this network?

The network works like a digital library. Just as a real library is a physical collection of books (and other material), this digital library is a virtual collection of digital resources. The resources in the collection have been cataloged by a librarian, which affords us the opportunity to give you powerful tools for accessing the collection.

What are the dimensions?

Presented on the home page, these dimensions are selections of resources from the catalog that address common needs of our users. These selections are made by our editors, who are experts working in the field.

What is the catalog?

We have a virtual card catalog that fills the same function of a traditional card catalog in a regular library. Unlike a traditional card catalog, this network lets you use the computer to take the work out of searching for materials. To learn more, take our tour of the catalog.

How can I participate?

We're glad you asked! We have a team of professionals continually adding resources to the network, but the Internet is a big place and we are a small team. If you've discovered online resources that you think other network users would find useful, you can let us know by submitting the link (submitting links requires registering with your email address). If you are working in the field and have produced documents or other resources that you'd like to publish in the network, you can upload the file. All submissions will be reviewed by our editors for approval, then cataloged by our librarian.

How do I get more information?

For information about the team that developed the Education Reform Networks, see the credits page.